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Thien Cung Cave in HaLong Bay

Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Cave)
When you booking halong bay tours or halong bay cruises, one of place you must visit is Thien Cung Cave in HaLong Bay
It is related to a legend the King Dragon. The legend had said that: After the King Dragon help our country to defeat the enemy, he came back its place. But unfortunately that year maked a drought and the people was poverty, so they came to pray the king supply the rain for drinking, planting trees, rice,... There were many people went but they didn't come back. Not afraid of danger, the couple went to pray the King Dragon. On the way they had a beautiful small girl. She grew up and more beautiful. Her name is May can be translated Cloudy. When miss May met the Prince of King Dragon, they fell in love with each other. And the wedding was held after a few days. In order to celebrate, there are many flying dragons loamed on the clouds. The wedding takes 7 days and 7 nights at the centre of cave. The dancing elephants. The 2 stone tiger are dancing. At the air force the eagle are waving. A big elephan is decorated sophisticatedly to wait the Groom and Bridge step down... All the scenery seems to be turned into stone.
thiencung cave
In the centre of Cave is 4 stone pillars. It is very tall, big and it can support the heaven from falling down. From the bottom to the top there are many strange shape and it is very interesting. In the North of Cave there is some kinesis dancing to celebrate on wedding. When you go to the last Cave you will see a natural water tap. It is always available everyday, every month and every year. The water is very clean. This is a place which Mrs May had a bath for her children and brought up them. There is a curved road that is Mrs May with 50 children left home to improve the new land. And a half children stay here with their father to build the countryside. And the old object to be maintained is a fairy wet-nurse.
thiencung cave
Thien Cung Cave in HaLong Bay is discovered in 1993, the area of this cave is about 2500m2. It's 25 meters wide and 120 meters long.

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